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Our Services

Services crafted by experience to complete the job

Our services have been honed by hard-earned experience, working with some of the UK’s leading businesses. We combine this with long-term partnerships alongside the finest tech and artisan companies available in the UK.

Design Consultation

Client requirements are paramount in every facet of design and build. East On Commercial Interiors offers a comprehensive Interior Space Planning and Visualisation package including CAD plans, 3D renders, walk-throughs and digital mood boards. Our design team works with you to assess how we can work most effectively within your chosen workspace to achieve the desired outcome, providing different options (and maybe even challenging expectations) until all stakeholders are agreed on the final plan.

Fit Out & Furnishing

Our team of design and build professionals are well-versed in the requirements of managing a project from strip out to Cat A and Cat B fit outs. With one manager overseeing each project, we deliver modern, stylish and efficient concepts that take into account essentials like lighting, air conditioning, flooring, partitioning, decorating and wall coverings, acoustic treatment, tech elements and electronics.


We work with market-leading partners in the furniture industry, enabling us to source furniture to suit every type of project, including chairs, desks, soft furnishings, meeting room and collaborative seating, plus bespoke and specialist furniture as required, all ergonomically suitable for your scheme.

Naturally, we also provide the additional fixtures such as office pods, screens and dividers plus the widest range of biophilia available, with all the benefits that plant installations bring to the work environment.

To tie all this together East On Commercial Interiors provides state of the art equipment for desk power, lighting, IR heat, panels, monitor arms, audio visual screens, sound systems, smart monitors and room booking systems as part of our equipment service.

“From start to finish, the East On team delivered exactly what they promised, totally understanding the brief, leading the project and delivering a transformed office environment. They managed every aspect of the project and worked well with our company stakeholders.”



Acoustics are vital elements in the ever-evolving dynamics of the workplace, and we consider this aspect from the start of each project to prevent it becoming an afterthought. We evaluate sound quality and/or levels in meeting rooms and open workspaces to ensure comfort, enhanced concentration and confidentiality.

By combining free-standing, ceiling mounted and fixed acoustic panels, we create comfortable, efficient and flexible areas to work, meet or recharge in. These can be bespoke panels created as pieces of art or branded with company logos, whilst meeting rooms can have sound masking installed for privacy.

Relocation, recycling & Storage

If you need furniture and tech to be relocated and reconfigured in a site, or even to other locations in the UK or worldwide, East On Commercial Interiors has it covered. You just tell us where and when, and it will be there, on time and on budget. Whatever is not required will be recycled responsibly, and storage made available either short term or long term, depending on the circumstances and requirements.


Ergonomics is the science of matching design and objects that people use, so that they interact most efficiently and safely; we believe that great workspace design doesn’t completely fulfil the brief unless we have ensured that we have delivered the most ergonomically effective solution.

Prior to any workplace design proposal, we undertake full assessments of individual requirements using DSE assessors to establish what tasks are carried out by clients’ staff. This support is part of an ongoing process to ensure that your team continue to benefit from the best ergonomic practice.

Alongside this we provide sit-stand desks, specialised seating and accessories such as ergonomic keyboards and desk risers for comfort and safety – all meeting optimum ergonomic guidelines.

“It’s been a delight to work with a team who not only totally understand the unique requirements of UCU but produce outstanding work and innovative solutions whenever I present them with new challenges.”