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Sustainably Run Meetings

Sustainably Run Meetings

We’ve all become used to meeting on Zoom or Teams in the last few years but did you know that you can make your video meetings genuinely sustainable? East On has always prided itself in operating with minimal impact to the environment through remote working, minimal travel and end-to-end recycling and repurposing of everything possible on our projects but we got to thinking about how we could make this mean something proactive. When we found out about Sustainably Run Meetings, we knew we had to sign up.

So how does it work? Well, every time we book a video meeting through Sustainably Run Meetings, a tree is planted in a developing country, in fact for the first fortnight, 30 trees were planted on our behalf. All our partners will see they’re having a sustainable meeting when they receive meeting invitations from us so look out for this the next time you meet with one of our team and hopefully you can sign up too!

For more details on how East On Projects works sustainably please click here