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“East On were parachuted in last minute to deliver edit suites and an Atmos room. Not only did they resolve lots of unforeseen issues, they delivered it on time and brought it in under budget with significant design changes. I will definitely be using them again!”


ITN Productions & Temporary ITV Newsroom


ITN Productions


Holborn, London






3-stage redesign and implementation programme; basement, strip out and refurbishment


ITN came to East On with a challenge: craft an inspiring environment with a softer organic feel for ITN Productions and create the brand-new ITV Newsroom, one of the most prestigious projects in UK news broadcasting. All of which was to be carried out on the basement floor of the iconic 200 Grays Inn Road building created by Foster and Partners.

The entire business had to keep broadcasting throughout an intense news cycle including the death of Her Majesty The Queen, several changes of Prime Minister and the war in Ukraine.

At the heart of the project was not only a need to refresh individual staff workspaces and update technology but to cement the reputation of ITN / ITV as an inspiring workplace reflecting its role at the heart of British broadcasting- with the potential for scalable technology growth.

What we did:

The newsdesk moved temporarily into the space eventually earmarked for ITN Productions, enabling East On to strip out and refurbish a 16000 ft² area, ready for the newly created newsroom.

Staff were struggling with outdated furniture, no longer suitable for changing technology requirements. Space-efficient furniture was needed to provide sufficient desk space whilst allowing for free movement around the workspace and ensuring full disabled access.

Our designers matched form with function by delivering an innovative design incorporating ergonomic workstations, collaborative break-out tables and soft seating areas, allowing both individuals and teams to work creatively. Colour palettes were proposed to provide a contemporary design without an overly “corporate” feel. Natural wood finishes were selected, with 120-degree shaped workstations, giving a more organic mood.

Muted fabric tones were chosen for screen dividers to help blend the warmer feel, along with contrasting pieces of furniture in dynamic and vibrant colourways.

Along with a full update of the underfloor cabling for power and data, all furniture was selected and specified with generous cable management with multiple choices for routing cables and mounting screens – allowing users to adjust viewing priorities throughout the working day.

Key areas such as Edit suites, meeting spaces and high-density desk areas were assessed and treated using acoustic wall panels that reduced reverberations and improved the sound quality throughout the 24-hour broadcast day. Acoustic Pods were installed to allow individuals to have calls and video meetings in enclosed spaces, reducing the noise levels and improving the quality of calls, thus improving staff performance and comfort.

ITN Case Study - 1


A new home for ITN Productions and temporary ITV Newsroom, fully equipped for future growth.

47% of the old furniture and equipment was re-utilised throughout the building with staff then being encouraged to take furniture home for remote working. The remainder was ethically disposed of or recycled.

All new furniture was specified and designed to meet Health & Safety standards for Display Screen Equipment guidelines and East On’s expert advice for clients during the project planning stages will carry on after completion, so that staff have access to ongoing support to remain safe in the workplace.